you've found the dejzone™. identify the false statement:

I am the Senior UI/UX Designer at CSID in Austin, TX where I design software, improve usability, and make things super.
I have an MS in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue and a BS in Information Technology from NJIT.
My Master's Thesis was on Augmented Reality for Interior Design.
I previously supported Network Management, Storage and Security products for 5 years at IBM.
Regularly syncing up with Product and Dev to construct the future road-map is my jam.
My experience includes wireframing, on-site customer feedback sessions, whiteboarding, prototyping, widget design, visual design of new and legacy software products, and HTML/CSS coding.
I've been part of the Agile, Lean Agile and waterfall processes and know grooming sessions don't involve pet brushes.
I like representing users because I am a user.
I invented cake.

some things I :
my australian shepherd
sugar in the form of baked goods
steeping and drinking tea