Admin Tool - CMS Redesign

Challenge: The IMC 2.0 platform helps clients uniquely configure and style the white label platform their users will interact with for identity monitoring. How do we optimize the admin's ability to customize every aspect of the product, including structure, services, pricing grid, branding and layout?
Method: Deconstruct the IMC 1.0 version that was initially present, taking into account pain points from previous Admins.
Impact: Increased ease of use for Admins to customize all aspects of the identity monitoring service they offer to their end users. Click to see massive Admin document PDF.

This was the pre-existing state of the Admin Tool in IMC 1.0. For a small amount of configurable CSS this format may have worked. However, it did not scale well for the purposes of the IMC 2.0 redesign.
This was one of many explorations on how to rework the Admin tool. While this method helps the Admin keep some perspective of where his/her changes are impacting the UI, it’s bulky and difficult to find what the user is looking to change.
This wireframe sequence illustrates several things:
  • Admins can easily see the applicable CSS in context to the page they are working on.
  • The Style panel is collapsible, opaque, and moveable for viewing flexibility.
  • Admins can see which UI elements have shared CSS resources so they know what will be impacted.
  • Layout and Style are edited in the same view to decrease confusion.