Dashboard Designs

Summary: A long time ago in an IBM land far away there were services that required dashboards. These were new services for which I built dashboards from scratch or services that came with existing dashboards that needed significant updates. Using resources like The Information Design Handbook, I worked iteratively to help users achieve their goals within the first post-install impression of the product: the dashboard.

Tivoli Network Performance Manager (IBM) | PS, Dreamweaver | I supported Network Performance manager, which was in need of a UI upgrade for specific panels. I coded a prototype (below, in footnotes) to illustrate the hover functionality employed for information consolidation. The redesign provided enhanced visual queues to encourage possible user interactions.
TSPM Boolean design (IBM) | PS | This UI solution was consequently patented. It served as a solution to a problem other products and companies had attempted to address: an infinite expansion on a boolean statement. Such statements are used in interfaces to create parameter phrases that govern a user activity, or a user's access to information, such as: if user is a manager AND in North Dakota, allow access to North Dakota customers.
Security Policy Manager (IBM) | PS, Dreamweaver, Flash | A zero-legacy project, seen here in reverse exploration. Working with a human factors speciliast, I designed UI solution to address customer needs while maintaining visual appeal. Customer interviews we conducted confirmed and realigned the design strategy. See final coded deliverable, linked below.
Dark Theme Dashboard (IBM) | PS | Exploration on a dark theme for one of our platforms.