Enrollment Redesign

Problem: There was a high drop-off rate for users enrolling into an identity monitoring service.
Solution: Through discussions with Product and stakeholders it became apparent that we needed to understand why in order to redesign with purpose.

The previous instance of enrollment was one page that collected sensitive user data with no explanation as to why.
A portion of a usability study was dedicated to allowing user enrollment using the old one-page enrollment as originally designed. It became clear that providing no guidance on a single page of data collection increased the likelihood that a user would abandon enrollment. Users were also shown a two-stepped enrollment in which more context and guidance was provided around data collection. This method of data collection was greatly preferred.
Stakeholders and Product agreed to add work towards creating one Notifications container. Rather than confuse the user with two unclear sections for Alerts and one-time Reports, users now are notified if a change occurs. Further, a "Report" is no longer catalogued as one entity: rather, the items within the Report are shown as separate Notifications. All data notifications live in one container.