Service Reconfiguration

Challenge: Subscribers to an identity monitoring service receive a one-time Report followed by Alerts for services. Alerts (ongoing) and Reports (static) are shown in separate containers. User interviews confirmed this caused confusion: where will new Alerts appear, and would they be ammended to their Reports?
Method: Usability testing to see if Alerts and Reports should be combined into one concept.
Impact: Iterative design prompted a redesign across all services with Alerts and Reports, leading to an improved understanding of service offerings.

IMC 1.0 instance of the CyberAgent service (this service monitors the dark web for users data to see if it is being bought and sold illicitly). Alerts and Reports were built as indepent parts of each service and are shown in separate containers. When a user first enrolls they will see a Report in the Reports container. All subsequent updates appear in the Alerts container. The following work was towards the IMC 2.0 instance of all similar services.
I conducted a two-part usability test partly dedicated to determining users' understanding of Alerts, Reports, and where any new data would be added to the UI. Their responses pointed to confusion around the difference between Alerts and Reports.
Stakeholders and Product agreed to add work towards creating one Notifications container for IMC 2.0. Rather than confuse the user with two unclear sections for Alerts and one-time Reports, users now are notified if a change occurs. Further, a "Report" is no longer catalogued as one entity: rather, the items within the Report are shown as separate Notifications. All data notifications now live in one container.